Day One

Having a little trouble embedding YouTube videos on my blog . Works on desktop but not on mobile. Grrrr. Here’s a link for it anyway (Mum – you have to click on the following):


I’m not quite sure what to say! What a first day. Thank you to the folk who came down and waved me off. Got a little emotional and literally ran away. I had planned a countdown and a small speech. That didn’t happen. I was chatting, looked at the time, and then just thought, it’s 10am! Time to go! Nerves got the better of me but I wish they hadn’t because I wanted to hug and thank everyone. Maybe next time. 


The run went well. Did just over 19km and all seems to be in good working order. Although, my ankle got a little sore at the end. I’m currently led with some frozen peas on it. Better safe than sorry, eh?


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. 19th September 2015. Just waved goodbye to Wayne. He camped in our garden last night on the Dungeness penisular. Hopefully the rain has gone for a few days. He was heading off towards Camber and Rye. Said he had a really good nights sleep. Good luck with the rest of you journey.


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