About the Run

From September 2015, Wayne Russell will be running, unsupported, around the British mainland coast. Starting from London, the run will take him clockwise around Britain for over 5000 miles, keeping as close to the coast as possible.Wayne runs Britain

“The aim of the run is to raise money for my chosen charity; The Superhero Foundation, but also inspire others, in the same way others have inspired me to do this in the first place. It all comes down to three things:

  • My Sister
  • Charity
  • And as cheesy as it sounds, to just do something with my life.

“My Sister, Carmel Webb, died suddenly on New Year’s Eve 2013, after battling primary pulmonary hypertension, a rare heart and lung condition. Despite being terminally ill, Carmel was chairman of the Podsmead Community Association as well as working for the grants scheme. She also ran a luncheon club for more than 100 senior citizens, launched Freedom Kids – a youth group for more than 60 children and was also the brains behind a mobility repair service and worked to promote the British Heart Foundation’s efforts with Gloucester City Council.

During the run-up to her funeral, I started a facebook page, Carma (Carmel/Karma), where I carried out random acts of kindness in her honour. Friends, family and strangers took up the challenge and people as far as Canada did their good deeds too. The idea was a great way to celebrate my Sister, but it also inspired me to do more. Not just for others, but for myself too.

It was during that time; the idea of doing the British coast run sprouted and grew. I’ve read, watched and followed many people as they went on their way to achieving a personal challenge. Whether it was Jamie McDonald running across Canada, George Mahood’s penniless adventure through Britain, Linda Pritchard’s UK coast run, James Adams, Sean Conway, Ira Rainey, Christopher McDougal, Danny Wallace and Ben Hatch…. The list goes on but they all share one thing. They all made me say ‘I wish I could do something like that’.

So instead of wishing, I’m taking action. I will run the British coast.”

All money raised will go to the Superhero Foundation, a charity co-founded by Kev Brady and Jamie McDonald. The charity assists families in need to access otherwise inaccessible treatments for mental or physical illness. Unfortunately, it’s too late to help my Sister. However, in true ‘Carma’ style, I’ll be trying my best to help others live a better life!

20 thoughts on “About the Run

  1. Wow Wayne- go for it my friend. I remember how devoted & proud you were of your Sister. She in turn would be so proud of You, carrying on where she left off by focussing on doing good for others, no matter what our own personal struggles maybe. We are very proud of you too & inspired by this great challenge. The best of luck.


  2. Well done very inspiring, I am sure your sister is very proud. We own a coffee shop in Barry if your still about come and get a coffee on us, academy espresso bar


  3. Wayne we met you briefly today in Llangrannog, you ran past on the hill just outside. It was very inspiring for my children and their cousins listening to your plans and hearing why you started out.

    We wish you every bit of luck and safe travels onwards through Wales.


  4. We have just had the privilege of having Wayne staying with us for a couple of days and feel blessed that we were able to help him in such a small way! We only knew of him and his journey through our friends who had also let him stay with them in Aberystwyth, and I have to admit that we were apprehensive about a total stranger coming into our house, but he was such a fabulous guest! Please, please, please, if you believe in goodness and karma etc, please help him stay somewhere warm and dry if he passes your area! What you give him in kindness is relatively tiny compared to what he will give you in a belief that the human spirit is kind, generous and good!………………….
    #Idon’tevenwritetripadvisorcomments! #runningbritain #gowayne #northwales #gogledd #cymru


  5. Wow lovely story and what a fantastic challenge. Carmen sounds like a fantastic girl who’d be super proud of her superhero brother! Good luck and keep running Forrest!


  6. Good to meet you Wayne.
    A real inspiration to us all.
    Sorry for sending you to a coffee house that is closed Sunday. .Go figure .!
    Good luck in your journey.

    Ayr fire group 5.


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