Got the Gear

I think I have everything. My bag is certainly heavy enough, despite my effort at trying to keep it minimal (for all you stat lovers, I’m not sure of the exact weight yet, I’ll weigh it as soon as I can).

I haven’t got any sponsors so all my kit has been purchased because I like the brand or it was as cheap as can be. I couldn’t have got it all together if it wasn’t for my friends and family though. I’ve been slipped a couple of quid here and there and I’ve also had items given to me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Thank you. Although ‘thank you’ isn’t enough. I wish I could explain it better – Lets just say, I’d let you eat the my last Rolo and if you were the one responsible for signing Nickleback, don’t worry, I’d forgive you.

Joking aside, I love you.

Now, before I get all emotional, lets get back to my kit! Here it is laid out in all it’s glory:


I’m off to London today to get ready for Sunday. So… tell my secretary to hold all my calls; I’m popping out for a run!

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