A Rested Runner

I’m not sure having three weeks off was a great idea. Physically, it was worth it. I ate lots, I watched anything worth watching and slept more than I thought was possible. And to see my family and friends again, was truly the best thing that could have happened. I do know some wonderful people! But as I write this, my stomach is in knots and my mind is firing a million erratic thoughts at me. Once again, I’m scared.

While running over the last three months, I haven’t really been able to grasp what I’ve done and think about, what’s to come. Well, I’ve had one or two moments but generally, I’m so focused on what I have to do: Where will I be sleeping? How far should I run? Will this hill ever end? How can I have a shower? What’s that pain in my… The list is endless but I’m sure you get my drift. I’m so in the moment, or I simply blank the thoughts out, but I don’t think and worry about what I have to do. I just except what I’m faced with and deal with it. Now I’ve had some time of ‘normality’, I think I’ve got used to it. When I started this adventure, the hardest thing (like many things in life) was getting started. Having a dream is one thing but to actually make that dream become a reality is daunting. I’ve heard so many people say, getting past that first hurdle of actually doing it was the hardest part. And they were right. Despite knowing this, I find myself thinking the same as I did the night before I set off on the 6th September: ‘Oh S*%t, can I actually do this???’

The answer to that question, I know is yes. I know I’ll meet plenty more kind people willing to help me. I just need those thoughts to grow once again. I need them to stand up to the negative crap that’s pottering about up there. You hear that negativity? You’re cramping the positives’ style – Beat it!!

I’ve learnt so much running over 1000 miles already. Not just about myself and the world around me but others too. I’ve had to rely on strangers so much and that alone has woken me up to a wonderful place I didn’t think existed. A kind place where people have offered me help that I didn’t think was given to strangers. That place is a different Britain to what is was before I started. With just under 4000 more miles to go, I hope Britain continues to woo me and I’ll do my best to show her off.

Onward to WALES!


Once again, I’ll be using social media to keep you all posted with embarrassing videos and snippets. If you haven’t already, please like and share them x




2 thoughts on “A Rested Runner

  1. Spoken with true eloquence. This is some scary stuff, but one you know you can certainly cope with. Will see you at the top of Wales 🙂


  2. Hi Wayne just a wee word fae the fire fighter from Peterhead with the Croaky voice your a fantastic genuine guy and it was a pleasure to meet a caring fellow human being.Good luck and save journey with the remaining run .Away to donate to your chosen charity. Cheers Raymond


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