Training and Injuries. My first thoughts…

I’ve either been really lucky or been too lame at running to get an injury. I have only been running ‘seriously’ for a year and in that time, I’ve never had one. The most pain I’ve suffered has been joggers nipple, chaffing or sore muscles from being too lazy to stretch. I did once get sweat in my eyes and had to lie down because the stinging was so intense.

When I run, I try and work on my posture, land on my toes and take small steps. I don’t want to break records of speed, just want to run as far as I can and luckily this has worked out okay. I hope this doesn’t sound cocky, I’m under no illusion they will come eventually though. Specially running 4000 miles around the British coast.

Pic by Sharon Lake

Sooner or later, a proper training schedule (of sorts) had to be started and today was that day!  Well, I say proper, just started running more miles at different times of day.  Up until now, I ran three to four times a week. Each run would be about six miles long, maybe a 10/12 miler at the weekend but I always seem to aimlessly plod along, fantasising about my ‘British Coast Run’ thinking of scenarios I will be in and all the new people I’ll meet.  But I know it’s time to take it more seriously.  So, each day, I will run twice – morning and evening.  To condition my body, I’ll start off with short runs, slowly increasing the mileage as time goes by.  Researching how to train, I’ve been informed, core strength is just as important.  Naively, I thought all I need to do is just put one foot in front of the other and just run.  According to some people, this is a complete no-no!  By building the core strength it will get my body into a good condition thus helping to prevent something I’ve been worried about – injuries!

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