Worries and DIY

Over the last few days, I’ve been worrying what others think.  I know it shouldn’t matter but the thoughts are there.  My friends have heard other grandiose, slightly unrealistic ideas that never go anywhere, from me before – I’m sure they’re still waiting on that book I said I was going to write or to download that app I had mentioned I was going to build.  However, this run is different, it’s something I have to do and something I can’t wait to do.

I spoke to my partner, Sharon, about this and she just said I should be worrying about more important things like making a plan, creating deadlines, getting some kind of sponsorship and more importantly, I should put the picture frames up and sort the toilet door out.

Four hours later, I went to grab a shower. No hot water. I received a text message from the downstairs flat saying they had a leak on their ceiling.  I hammered a nail through a water pipe…

Frames are up though!

Frames up

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