“This Too Shall Pass”

It’s been about four months since I broke my ankle. And last week I finally caught a glimpse of my old life. I never would have thought, a mere four months would pass by so slow. Endless binge watching and feeling a little sorry for myself is finally waning and I’m about to start, ummm… Wayning again!

My bones have healed and physio is well underway. I have two scars that my thirteen year-old self would be pretty impressed with:


My left leg lost a lot of muscle during the healing process. It’s getting better but one leg is much slimmer than the other. The bottom half of me looks like a reject from the Twix factory. Like any good factory worker would do, I’m trying to fix the problem. Yep, Mini Kiev’s, Skips and bacon sarnies are out. Chicken stock, grains, veg, fruit and salads are in and… drum roll please… I also joined the gym!

Between working on my core, cardio and dishing out a few double-takes at the ladies, I attempted to run for the first time. Without pushing my luck, I hopped on the treadmill and managed a few minutes! A few minutes??? I know, it’s not much to shout about but my adventure is a step closer and I am a runner again! Well, kind of. Here’s the proof:

Okay, it might be more of a cautious jog than a run but it’s a start and since filming the video, I’ve managed to up it a little.

It’s hard to explain why I love running so much. I don’t care about time, speed, elevation, weight loss or anything like that. I just love being outside and doing it because I can. However, if you ask me just before lacing up why I run, my answer can differ. The moment before starting, I sometimes hate running (I can be lazy and sometimes unmotivated). Ask me during a run and I’ll either waffle on about how it gives me time to think, or to de-stress. Sometimes, it’ll be because I’m in my early thirties and this is what I should be doing, right? There are times though, when rational answers to that question go out of the window. Like the times when a smile is slapped on my face and my cheeks become as swore as my legs. Everything just works and I feel a cocktail of emotions but most of all, I feel inspired. I swear there have been times when I’ve floated rather than ran. I’m sure to everyone who sees me, I’m certainly not floating, I’m a red faced dribbling mess. But in my head… I’m Falcor from, The Neverending Story!

2 thoughts on ““This Too Shall Pass”

  1. YES! You make me want to run! Let’s have a little jog soon, eh? (This is the brief interlude when I might have a slim chance of keeping pace with you!) So happy you’re raring to go again xxx


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