From Treadmill to Tredworth!

Having slowly increased the distance on the treadmill, I thought it was about time to get back outside. For me, being outside is what it’s all about. Before my accident, I’d never been on a treadmill. Without making any adjustments to the machine, they’re a lot easier to run on. With the belt whizzing under my feet and the lack of wind resistance, curbs, hills and intimidating teenage gangs, I managed to increase my distance from 1k to 5k in only a week.

DSC_0002_4  DSC_0001  DSC_0016

Being a little cautious of my ankle, that still gets a little swore, I carried on running like a hamster on his wheel until I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s so boring. The LED screen flashes, constantly reminding me of how long I’ve been at it and how far I’ve traveled. It makes thirty seconds feel like ten minutes! Physically, it’s easier for sure. But mentally? It’s a bit shit. Oh, and then there is the gyms music too. Pumping out the speakers, it fights with the latest ‘This American Life’ podcast or one of my exceptional playlists (this weeks included, Death from Above, The Fall, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Edward Sharpe, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Grandaddy, The Doors, Radiohead and if I’m being REALLY honest, it also embarrassingly included The Beautiful South, Erasure, Cheech & Chong, Lady Gaga and Maria Mckee). Maybe I just need better earphones…

So enough was enough. With the sun shining, I laced up my trainers and popped out for a run. My destination? Tredworth. For no other reason than it’s only a few miles from my house but the deciding factor, I wanted to call my new post; From Treadmill to Tredworth! Catchy, eh?


The run confirmed that the treadmill is a lot easier. I struggled. My ankle became sore and for the first time, I got to know what shin splints were all about. Ouch. The first run after breaking my ankle was never going to be easy so I just excepted it, held back and pondered about this that and the other. The best thing is, I’m a step closer to running the coast and since that outing, things have become a lot smoother. With the gym workouts, paired with the runs, I’m so close to starting my run. Next step? Getting the money together!

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